Level Up English Podcast Episode 218 Lessons from Influential People

4 Life Lessons

Are you looking for some inspiration this week?

Today I look at 4 of the world’s most influential people and share some valuable life lessons we can all learn from. I explain how I think these can be applied to language learners too! So if you’re struggling with motivation, this is the episode for you.

As always, there are lots of great vocabulary and phrases we look at along the way.

4 Influential People

Albert Einstein

Famous for his deep curiosity about the world, which is something we can all learn from.


Aristotle wrote about embracing moderation and finding a balance between extremes.

William Shakespeare

One thing that can be seen in many of Shakespeare’s plays is how our actions have consequences.

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi spoke about being the change we wish to see in the world and how change begins within oneself.

What famous figure (now or past) has influenced your life?

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1 thought on “#218 4 Life Lessons from the World’s Most Influential People”

  1. Life Lessons from the World’s Most Influential People

    My rambling ideas on “Life Lessons from the World’s Most Influential People”.

    The experiences of talented individuals demonstrate that failure must not be taken to heart, and we must not let it dishearten us; they encourage us to get up again and make another attempt.

    The commonly held belief suggests that we should acquire valuable lessons from the exceptionally gifted people who are at the pinnacle of success. However, the wise people may glean remarkable insights “through” those who display foolishness. Sheikh Sa‘di, a Persian Muslim sage, noted that he gained wisdom by observing fools and making a conscious effort not to replicate their actions.

    In their pursuit to revolutionise the world, they dared to be different and employed a unique approach to solve age-old problems. Because every one of them stood out in a crowd, they made their mark on the world.

    Most of them came from modest backgrounds, but they genuinely appreciated what life offered them. Through untiring perseverance, they skilfully transformed frustration into hope, clearing their path to eventual success.

    There are moments when we feel that all our carefully laid plans are going awry, and we fear that life itself may fall apart. We forget that everything happens for a reason. The lives of remarkable individuals may serve as beacons of guidance when times are hard for us. They impart the wisdom that to build the new we must let go of the past. Like an enthralling narrative, life takes unexpected turns and twists, yet eventually, everything falls in place once the climax has passed.

    An eternal optimist envisions a silver lining amidst the darkest night, whereas a cynical pessimist, even on the brightest day, warns of the imminent sunset and ensuing darkness.

    From a single lit candle, we can ignite a thousand more. In this process, neither its brightness is diminished, nor its lifespan is shortened.

    True wealth is not synonymous with possessing vast material resources; rather it is a state of mind. Those who possess it can find contentment even with limited resources.

    Muhammad Hanif from Pakistan

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