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I see a lot of writing mistakes with learners struggling with parallel structures, or parallelism. This is where features in a sentence have to follow the same grammatical patterns to sound natural.

It may sound a bit confusing, but honestly, it’s fairly simple once you understand the main idea.

In this episode, I go through 7 examples of how to sound more natural with this grammar rule as I talk about some of my favourite travel memories. I encourage you to respond and do the same!

7 Parallel Structures

  1. I’ve had great times in the mountains before! I’ve been hiking, skiing, and sipping on hot drinks in my tent. (verbs)
  2. Travel in the Balkans can be a bit tougher than in Western Europe. You need careful plans, some language ability, and a certain amount of resilience. (nouns)
  3. My time in Thailand was a long, relaxing, and eye-opening experience. (adjectives)
  4. Not only do I prefer travelling by train, but I also enjoy the scenic views it offers. (clause)
  5. After I got COVID in Georgia, I walked around sluggishly, slowly, and with tired eyes. (adverbs)
  6. I travelled around Boston by boat, on foot, and on public transport. (prepositions)
  7. On the weekend, I love hiking, exploring, and relaxing in nature. (gerunds)

Can you share some memories of your past using these structures?

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4 thoughts on “#223 How to Get Natural English with Parallelism”

  1. Hello Michael, I am Fawaz Al-Otaibi from Saudi Arabia. First, I want to thank you and inform you that I have benefited a lot from you. How can I communicate with you more to inquire about some information from you? I want your email or any means of communication. Thank you.

    1. Hi Fawaz. Thanks for the comment. Glad you found some benefits here! You’re welcome to email me. info [at] ewmichael.com
      (Just change [at] to @ – I write it this way to reduce spam)

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