Tips to Succeed in IELTS with Aubrey Carter | The Level Up English Podcast 225

Succeed in IELTS

Aubrey Carter from All Ears English and IELTS Energy joins me today for a chat about the IELTS English exam, and a few other topics. We discuss tips for the exam as well as some interesting slang and vocabulary that would be useful for all learners.

  • Should you use formal or informal English?
  • Should you improve your English or study the exam structure?
  • Useful vocabulary
  • Using idioms and slang
  • New English words that we have learnt recently
  • And more!

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2 thoughts on “#225 Tips to Succeed in IELTS with Aubrey Carter”

  1. Maria Alessandra

    Hi Michael! Your podcast is one of my three favorites. Thank you for your precious help.
    I just wanted to let you know that I’m Italian and for me the word “defenestrate” is really easy to understand, in fact in Italian we say “defenestrare”. This is a Latin-derived word, we have many in Italian that we use commonly. In English there is a huge Roman heritage of words as well and therefore for Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese students these are easier to understand than for any other English learner.
    Thank you again for your job! Have a nice day! Stay alive! Maria Alessandra

    1. Hi Maria! Thanks for your comment. That’s interesting that you still use that word!
      I’ve had a few Italian students over the years, and it’s always funny to me how many words we have that are almost the same. I think that’s why Italians tend to have a very high vocabulary 🙂

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