Level Up English Podcast 228 Getting Sick

Sick Vocabulary

This week I’m beginning to come down with a cold. I can feel my throat getting hoarse and it hurts to swallow, and I probably don’t have much time before I’ll be unable to record a podcast episode, so let’s get this done quickly!

Getting sick is something we all have to deal with at some point, so although it’s not the cheeriest of topics, it’s an important one to cover since there are so many great expressions we can use to talk about this. I’ll be covering a lot of those today as well as tips on how to treat a cold.

Symptoms of a Cold

  • Scratchy throat – a slight feeling of discomfort in the throat
  • Get the sniffles / runny nose – the need to keep sniffing when sick
  • Hoarse – a low voice caused by sickness or shouting
  • Chesty cough – a bad cough coming from your lungs
  • Congested – blocked, full of something
  • Bedridden – Having to stay in bed due to sickness or old age
  • Fatigue – muscle weakness
  • Blocked nose – Unable to breath through your nose because it’s blocked
  • Bunged up – Blocked or congested (eg. nose, sink…)

What do you do to nurse a cold?

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