Level Up English Podcast Episode 230 Housing UK

Housing in the UK

A listener requested a topic on the housing market in the UK, so I thought I’d give it a shot and make it as interesting as I can. In this episode, I talk about the housing crisis the UK is currently going through, my own experience with buying a house and share some interesting sayings and idioms too.

As always, we look at lots of useful and high-level vocabulary. Do you know the word ‘insurmountable’? Let’s learn it today! 

UK Housing Statistics

    • Britain has a severe housing crisis
    • The average house costs more than ten times the average salary
    • Vacancy rates are below 1 per cent (per cent of unoccupied houses)
    • Space per person for private renters has dropped substantially in recent decades.
    • Homelessness peaked in 2017. Although it’s lower today, it’s still almost double the amount 10 years ago. (source
    • Wages don’t change much, but housing and everything else is getting more expensive
    • The number of families in England and Wales with adult children living with their parents rose 13.6% between the 2011 Census and Census 2021 to nearly 3.8 million. (source)

How is the housing situation in your country? And, what is your dream home like?

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6 thoughts on “#230 Buying a House in the UK”

  1. Hello Mike,
    the podcast is joyful, exciting, and much helpful. For me, It’s the first time to listen to a podcast and I can confirm It’s an outstanding experience. God bless you, Mike
    Kerolos from Egypt

  2. Hello Michael
    The episode is really joyful, thank you for your efforts !
    I live in Saudi Arabia, The houses in the KSA have no specific prices, it depends on the city, I think the same all over the world almost.
    I want to ask you about how to improve writing skill, because it is really a big issue for me, you maybe can make an episode about that.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Abdullah. Thank you for the nice comment. Glad you liked this one.
      Did you know there is already an episode about writing? Episode 99 was on this topic, and I think it’s quite detailed! Let me know if this answers your questions or if there’s still something more. Writing practice is a big focus of Level Up English because I believe it can really help improve other skills in language learning too.

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