Level Up English Podcast Episode 231 How to use dear

How to use 'Dear'

Do you know how to use the word ‘dear’? A lot of people get confused with this term, and honestly the answer isn’t as simple as you may think, so let’s look into that today.

I’ll cover the ways in which we use this word and why you might not want to say it to strangers.

This is a re-share of a video I posted on the English with Michael YouTube channel, so thanks for your patience with me during this busy time!

The 6 Ways to Use 'Dear'

I posted a short reel on Instagram about using the word ‘dear’ and I had so many great questions in response to that. I decided to explore the topic in more detail here today.

1. The Animal 🦌

Let’s get the simple one out of the way. In this context, “dear” refers to a type of animal known as a deer, typically used to describe a wild or domesticated hoofed mammal. 

2. Writing Formal Letters

When used in the context of writing formal letters, “dear” is commonly used as a greeting at the beginning of a letter to address the recipient in a polite and respectful manner. It is a conventional way to start letters and is followed by the person’s name or title. (eg. Dear Mr Smith)

3. A Pet name (for romantic partners)

“Dear” can be an endearing term used to express affection, love, or fondness towards one’s significant other. It conveys a sense of closeness and intimacy in a relationship. (eg. Hi dear! Love you 😘)

4. Term of endearment

“Dear” is commonly used by older people to address loved ones, family members, or friends. It carries a sense of warmth, familiarity, and a gentle form of affection, often indicating a close bond between individuals. (eg. Come here, dear)

5. Oh dear!

The phrase “Oh dear!” is an exclamation used to express surprise, disappointment, concern, or sympathy. It is often used in situations where something unexpected or unfortunate has occurred, and it conveys a sense of empathy or worry.

6. Expensive

When “dear” is used as an adjective to describe the cost or price of something, it suggests that the item or service is expensive or carries a high value in terms of monetary worth.

How many of these were new for you today?

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  1. Huge thanks!
    So important information.
    No one wants to sound ridiculously and patronisingly

    Good luck to you in Thailand!

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