Level Up English Podcast 232 Big Life Changes

Big Life Changes

I recently made a huge change in my life and I’m announcing it to everyone in this episode today. I’m going to talk a little bit about this change, why I made it, and some of my feelings about the future.

I then talk about change in a more general sense and give you some tips (inspired by Atomic Habits) to help you in life and language learning, as well as some useful expressions related to change.

2 Change Expressions

Here are the two expressions I shared towards the end of the episode that you can use related to change.

Turn Over a New Leaf

= To make a positive change in your life and start something new

“My friend turned over a new leaf when he decided to quit smoking and life a healthier lifestyle.”

Take Shape

= when a plan or project becomes clearer (closer to the final idea you have)

“My holiday plans are beginning to take shape.”

Can you use the expressions to talk about your own life?

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