Level Up English Podcast 237 Cara Leopold Leo Listening Movies and Groups

The Power of Learning in Groups with Movies

Cara Leopold (Leo Listening) joins me once again on the podcast to discuss the benefits of learning English in groups with her experience running a community for advanced, movie-loving English learners, as well as some good movies and TV series she likes to use to practice and teach English.

If you’ve caught this episode in 2023, Cara is relaunching her Movie Club community. You can try it out for one week in September to see if you like it. We talk more about this in the episode too.

Cara's Movie Club

Cara Leopold is the creator of the Leo Listening Movie Club where she helps film-loving English learners understand and discuss movies together so they can master conversational English.

From September 13th-20th 2023, Cara is organising the Back-to-School Movie Challenge, a 1-week taste of what it’s like to be in a movie club. It costs just €10 to join!

By watching and discussing clips from high school movies together, you’ll learn new vocabulary, catch fast-spoken English and practice your speaking and writing skills with other movie-loving English learners. The challenge includes access to a discussion forum as well as a live Zoom session on September 20th to chat with me and other film lovers about the movie clips.

Join the challenge: https://leolistening.podia.com/back-to-school-movie-challenge

What’s your favourite English movie? Let us know in the comments down below!

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