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Level Up English Live -
Giving Advice

Every now and then, I invite the members of Level Up English to join me for a chat about different topics. This time, we spoke about giving advice. In the end, only 3 people joined, which was quite a nice casual group. All members gave some amazing advice and also used some really good vocabulary. 

I hope you enjoy this episode!

In this episode, we cover advice on being happy, getting good sleep, learning languages, and other problems we’re facing in life.

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4 thoughts on “#238 Level Up English Live – Giving Advice”

  1. Thanks, Michael, for your podcast I do really enjoy listening to it. It’s good idea to have open conversation I hope I can join next live episode.

  2. The best podcast ever. Every morning I listen to one of your episodes, The way you speak is clear and calm, and because I am a bus driver, many travelers listen to you. Thank you for your efforts. Your listener from Morocco

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