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How to Stop Forgetting

Memory is something we’ve covered a few times on the podcast before, but it’s always worth coming back to with more ideas and tips.

In this episode, I share advice on how you can stop forgetting English vocabulary, 2 methods of learning new vocabulary that suit all types of learners and personality types, expressions related to memory and forgetting, and at the end I give some advice on general memory and forgetfulness.

I think there’s a lot of value packed into this episode so listen carefully and I’m sure you’ll take away something valuable.

Forgetful Expressions

  • Memory like a sieve: Refers to someone who has a very poor memory and forgets things easily.
  • Draw a blank: Failing to remember something you should know.
  • Lose one’s train of thought: When someone forgets what they were talking about or loses their focus during a conversation or presentation.
  • Photographic memory: Describes the ability to remember visual details with exceptional accuracy.

2 Methods of Study

In the episode, I spoke about 2 ways to learn vocabulary. Which type feels best for you?

  1. Study everything (eg. write them down, examples sentences, flashcards, etc) and try to keep everything in your mind
  2. Have faith that with enough input, the important things will stick

Tips to Stop Forgetting

In terms of language learning:

  • Review what you learn
  • Get lots of input
  • Say things out loud
  • Use rhythm and music
  • Use mnemonics

General Tips

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Get exercise
  • Stay organised
  • Don’t identify as a forgetful person
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs
  • Manage stress

What did you think of this episode? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “#239 Never Forget English Words Again”

  1. Hello Michael, thank you for your podcast it’s really helpful and I become addicted to your podcast and I’m always waiting for the next . The subjects you talk about is so interesting as well.
    I have a suggestion for you if you don’t mind to talk about Mandela effect in you podcast I think it will be exhilarated.
    Thanks again
    One of your old Level up member and I will be back soon.

    1. Thanks a bunch, Asmaa. (I missed you in the membership! 🙂) But that’s great to hear! I love the topic of the Mandela effect. I’ll need to read up more about it but I’ll definitely consider this for a future episode.

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