British Etiquette

British Etiquette

The word “etiquette” means how you should behave in a certain situation if you want to be polite.

In this episode, I discuss my views on the best ettiqute practices in the UK for any upcoming trips you might have planned.

Meeting People

  1. A simply handshake is usually fine (hugs and kisses are usually not appropriate)

  2. Generally, British are quite punctual and like to arrive to meetings and events on time

General Tips

3. Don’t cut in queues

4. Queue everywhere (accept trains for some reason..)

5. Let people off the train before you get on

6. Don’t be too loud in public places (trains, cafes, etc.)

7. Don’t be so direct with your feelings and emotions – British people are often indirect so they won’t tell you if they’re annoyed.

8. Don’t ask personal questions (eg. money related, age)

9. People say sorry a lot, but it doesn’t always mean “sorry”

10. Body sounds in public is a no-no!


Don’t forget your Ps and Qs (Please and thank yous)

At Restaurants

11. Don’t make loud noises when eating

12. Tipping is recommended but not usually necessary (round up to the nearest 10 or 5)

Bonus tip: Putting your knife and fork together indicates you’ve finished your meal

What about your country?

Tell me in the comments below what the best ettiquete is in your home country? Is it the same as what I said, or are there any differences?

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