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Furry Friends

For many of us, pets and animals are a huge part of our lives. We spend a lot of time and money looking after our furry friends, and I definitely have a huge soft spot for animals – especially cats!

In this episode, I talk about choosing the right pet, dog people vs cat people, my own experiences with pets and vets, dealing with the loss of a pet, and share lots of useful phrases and expressions useful for daily English speaking.

Some Words from the Episode

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Soft spot for something – To have a special place in your heart when you like something

“I have a soft spot for cats!”

To put down – To end the life of an animal to end its suffering

“Your dog has a serious disease and sadly needs to be put down.”

Fur Baby – a cute way to refer to pets as if they are our own babies

“I have 3 fur babies at home.”

Stray – a ‘homeless’ domestic animal

“This city is full of stray dogs.”

Tail between your legs – to feel defeated or embarrassed

“He walked out of the exam room with his F mark and his tail between his legs.”

Share your pet experiences with us in the comments! Do you have any pets now?

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2 thoughts on “#241 Furry Friends – Team Dog or Team Cat?”

  1. Up until a year ago, my child was really passionate about animals and was absolutely devoted to them. Any money he received, he used to buy more animals and the food they needed. I can’t precisely recall the exact sequence in which he brought these pets into our home, but I’ll do my best to recount from memory. He bought rabbits, parrots and chickens and took care of them with boundless love and tenderness. Despite their low maintenance nature, he opted to spend most of his time in their company.
    Now our son no longer has any of these pets. Seeing that our living space was too small for these beloved animals, we engaged in a heartfelt conversation with him and persuaded him to find new, suitable homes for them. Initially hesitant, he eventually listened to us, and soon all his pets found new owners. We hope that in the near future, when we have a more spacious home, we will once again welcome furry and feathered friends into our lives.

    1. Caring for pets is such a fulfilling and rewarding thing to do, but as you said it’s important to consider their needs and whether we have the space and time for them. Maybe it was the best decision, but I hope your son will be able to have all the pets he wants in the future! It could be a good goal for him to work towards one day

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