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The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Paul Creane (English Podcast with Paul / Second Class Hobos) joined me today to talk about his exciting lifestyle of being a Digital Nomad.

We talk about what this means in the episode as well as lots of other useful terms related to this topic. We also cover what it’s like to live in a van, travel in Asia, Housesitting, and all the apps and platforms Paul uses to help him live the life he does.

It’s always great to hear new perspectives and ways of living, and today’s conversation might just inspire you. It’s a really fascinating conversation and I hope you enjoy it too.

Platforms Mentioned in the Episode

Paul uses various different platforms and apps to help sustain his nomadic lifestyle. I’ve used some of these myself and can recommend them. 


Use Stickk when you have a project and you want to hold yourself accountable. It’s much easier to stick to your plan when there is money at risk!


Stay with locals when travelling, or use the Hangouts feature to meet people for activities. A great way to make friends.

Trusted House Sitters

One example of a housesitting website, although there are several others. You can look after someone’s house and pets while they are on holiday. You get free accommodation. The owner gets peace of mind that their pets are looked after.


Get paid for your housesitting work

Buy Me a Coffee

A donation platform for giving creators small amounts of money.


An app used for language exchange with real people. A great way to make friends too.

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