Level Up English Episode 248 I tracked my language learning 2 months

I Tracked My Language Progress

Over the past few months, I’ve been meticulously tracking my language learning process for Japanese, Thai, and Chinese Mandarin on a Google Sheets doc.

In this episode, I discuss the results of this data and we look together at the graphs that represent my study time. There are some really interesting patterns and trends that I can learn from, and I have several conclusions that shocked me.

I had no idea what mistakes I was making before tracking my time!

I am also sharing the template for you to use too! Click the link above to get this Google Sheet for yourself.

Why I Did This

I decided to track my language learning progress for two months to see if I could notice trends and patterns in my study habits. (Spoiler: I did!)

It’s common human psychology that what we say doesn’t always match what we do. We may think we are healthy eaters, but when we start tracking all our meals, we might realise how few of those meals are actually healthy.

We may also think we study a lot every day, but it’s not until you track your time that you notice how far from your goals you really are.

My Conclusion

Based on the graph, I can say for sure that my speaking practice time isn’t enough. I need to work on this.

I also spend too much time on Anki studying vocabulary flashcards.. I’d like to do more listening and speaking.

However, having a short break seems like a positive thing for me based on the data. It’s also beneficial to keep the habit going and study for a few minutes, even on days where I don’t feel up for it.

If you tracked your study time, what do you think it would say?

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