Level Up English Podcast Episode 249 Unbelievable Statistics about the uk

Unbelievable Statistics

In this week’s episode of the Level Up English podcast, we dive into the fascinating world of statistics. Prepare to be amazed by some truly unbelievable facts!

I’ll start by covering a few random statistics, ranging from sleeping with a teddy bear and not washing your hands. You’ll be shocked at some of these!

We’ll then talk about the UK specifically and share some tourism-related stats on the country as a quiz. How many can you answer correctly?

What Are Statistics?

Statistics is a kind of maths that helps us understand and make sense of information. It involves collecting and studying data to find patterns and draw conclusions. We use tools like averages, probability, and different methods to analyse and test ideas. Statistics is important in many areas, like science and economics, as it helps us make informed decisions based on facts and figures.


Here are two images that I used for the sources in this week’s episode.

What statistic surprised you the most? Have you been included in any of them?

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2 thoughts on “#249 Unbelievable Statistics About the UK”

  1. Hi, Michael! Good thing you are feeling better from your wrist fracture. First time I’m listening to your podcast. Very interesting and useful. Congratulations! A friendly hug from Brazil!

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