British Accent Tips

British Accent Tips

I get asked about the British accent a lot, so this episode looks at some specific tips you can use.

For more information and advice on accent, check out my first ever podcast episode here.

Learn Stress When You Learn Words





Words That Come From French

Many 2-syllable words that come from French are pronounced differently in the UK than in the USA. British people tend to stress the first syllable, while Americans tend to stress the second.





Emphasise the Important Parts

Who is going to the cinema?

John will go to the cinema tonight


How will he get there?

John will walk to the cinema tonight


Where is he going?

John will go to the cinema tonight


When is he going?

John will go to the cinema tonight

More Tips

Go here for more information:

  • Lengthening a word and a high tone indicates uncertainty

  • Start high and then fall to sound interested

  • When the word ends with a fall and rise, that indicates you’re going to say “but..”

  • Question tags than go lower in tone (isn’t it) mean “I know you agree and don’t expect a reply”

To summarise:

Don’t worry! Just actively listen to how people speak and you’ll improve over time.

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