Mixed Conditionals

Let’s learn to use hypothetical situations with confidence in this episode on Mixed Conditionals. It’s been a long-time suggestion from listeners, and I’ve finally decided to get to it.

I cover some different types of conditional structures in a casual way, and ask you questions to think about making your own sentences.

I hope you find this episode useful, and perhaps more importantly, fun!

Mixed Conditional Examples

Past ➜ Present

  • If you had pursued a different subject in university, how do you think your career/life would be different today?
  •  If you had known about a certain technology earlier, how might your daily routine change now?

Future ➜ Past

  • If you achieve your dream in the future, how would you look back on the challenges you faced to get there?

Here’s a fantastic guide from test-english.com

Share your own sentence examples in the comments ⬇️

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