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Let’s look at some conjunctions (also known as connectives) to help improve your conversation and debating skills in English.

Conjunctions are an effective way to make your sentences more complex and sound much more natural – rather than simply using a string of short, simple sentences. We’ll also be looking at more phrases, such as adverbs.

In this episode, I share them in a natural way while sharing my own opinions on some controversial and interesting debate topics. Can you share your own views on the topics using these conjunctions in the comments on the show notes page below?

Phrases from the Episode

Regardless of:
= Without taking into consideration; in spite of.
Regardless of the rainy weather, we decided to go for a picnic.


= In spite of that; however.
The movie received mixed reviews; nevertheless, it became a box office success.


= In the same way; also.
Sarah enjoys playing the piano, and her brother, likewise, is passionate about playing the guitar.


= In contrast; on the other hand.
Jane prefers summer sports; conversely, her friend Mark enjoys winter activities like skiing.


As Long As:
= If; provided that.
You can borrow my car as long as you return it by tomorrow morning.


Except if; on the condition that not.
You can go outside to play, unless it’s raining.

Can you share your opinions on the debate topics using the words above? ⬇️

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2 thoughts on “#253 Use Conjunctions to Debate in English”

  1. Hi Michael,your podcasts is amazing,I enjoyed each one. In my opinion when we talk about alcohol it’s illegal in my country and was created specifically to those who drink it in secret so that they don’t drink it in the street and become disasters.The government prohibits it and society likewise,in my society views the drinker with contempt, unless he is a foreigner.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views! Our views are definitely shaped by our cultures and societies in which we live too, and I imagine any drinking you do see in your country is also associated with bad people and crime, so I would understand if you wanted it banned!

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