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Bree Aesie from Into The Stories Podcast joins us today for a conversation about meditation and stories. This was one of my favourite conversations yet, packed with lots of life lessons as well as English learning tips and motivation.

Since Bree’s podcast is all about looking at stories, we start by turning the tables on Bree and I ask her to share a meaningful story for her. We talk about her 10-day silent meditation retreat in Thailand and some of the difficulties and lessons from that experience. 

We delve into topics around meditation and mindfulness, and also why learning a language through stories is such a powerful and effective method. 

 By the way, I also appeared on Bree’s podcast! You can listen to our episode here where I talk about a challenging and personal experience in my 20s. 

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4 thoughts on “#256 Spending 10 Days in Silence – Stories with Bree Aesie”

  1. Hi Michael.
    I want to thank you from Colombia.
    I really appreciate your lesson that help me every day to improve my level English. You are doing well. Henry

  2. Hello Michael, i’m from Viet Nam. I have listen your podcast for 3 moths, it’s very amazing and useful, you also help me a lot of my vocabulary, thanks you. I very appriciate that, have you ever been to Viet Nam, please let me know on the future episode and happy new year 🥳🥳🥳

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