The Level Up English Podcast 258 My Biggest Mistakes

Big Mistakes

Just a few days into 2024, I already made 2 very big and expensive mistakes.

In this episode, I share what happened and exactly why I made these mistakes, and then I talk about some possible lessons that I should learn from these mistakes.

I also spend a bit more time discussing the importance of making mistakes and the right mindset to have when it comes to mistakes in life and in language learning too.

A Learning Mindset

If you want to hear more about my mistakes, you’ll have to see the full episode to find out. What I can write about here is lessons to learn from them.

I speak about fostering a learning mindset. 

This allows you to see every mistake as an experience to learn, grow, and develop into a better person.

You may not see things like this directly after making a big mistake, but after some time has passed, see if you can focus on this way of thinking.


For me, I’m going to be more open about my struggles with other people, and they may even be able to offer some solutions I hadn’t thought of.

I’m also going to try to be comfortable sitting with a problem rather than trying to solve it as soon as possible.

Have you made any big mistakes in your life? 

Perhaps you could share them in the comments so I don’t feel so alone.

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6 thoughts on “#258 I Made Two Huge Mistakes”

  1. Hello Michael
    You have been my travel companion in the last couple of months, listening your podcasts in my car and learning same time. Your voice and fluency are really impressive.
    Thank you for amazing job, making really good podcasts and offering your work to help so many people all over the world.
    I am Portuguese living in Manchester and really appreciate all the ways available to improve my communication skills, and definitely your Podcasts are a great tool to achieve that.
    Looking forward to your next episode.

  2. Hi Michael. I feel so happy , I mean reassured to realize that I’m not all alone. Welcome on my scatterbrain world. I missed my last flight from nyc to dominican republic and it was an horrible adventure. My name is Felyna and I’m almost 50. I’m listening to you from a French island in the Caribbean sea (Guadeloupe). Thank you for your podcast, it helps me in my english journey😍

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