Level Up English Podcast 259 Valentines Love Relationships

Relationship Problems

Since this episode falls on Valentine’s Day, let’s discuss the topic of Love and Relationships.

I’ll be basing this episode around a group class I taught before where we discuss some questions related to relationships, such as having a long and happy marriage, and how to break up with someone.

I also have the help of Chat GPT who gives some brilliant advice for all relationships out there. There will also be a few phrases you can use to talk about relationships. I’m sure at least one will be new for you.

Relationship Advice

Here are all the problems from my full lesson plan. What advice would you give to each person? Perhaps you could leave your answers in the comments to practice your English writing.

  1. I have a crush on my best friend’s girlfriend. What do I do!?
  2. My partner and I are beginning to drift apart.
  3. I’ve fallen for someone who has spent some time in jail…
  4. I have a thing for my professor. Should I tell them?
  5. I want to end our marriage without things turning sour.
  6. I split up with my partner. How can I move on?

How would you answer the relationship advice problems from this episode?

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