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In this episode, I look at some really common slang phrases from the UK. Have you heard these before? Leave a comment below and practise making your own examples!

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Slang Words

1. Mate

This means “friend”, but (in my experience) is usually used for people you don’t know so well.

Hey watch it mate. I’m walking here.

2. Chuffed


Very pleased, satisfied, happy

I bet you’re chuffed with your exam results!


3. Well

Used instead of “very” or “really”.

That’s well good mate! I bet you were well chuffed.

4. To Skive

To skip school or work, to not go somewhere you’re expected to go.

I skived school because I wanted to play in the snow.

5. Minging

Disgusting, gross (often pronounced without the final “g”)

My bedroom needs to be repainted. The walls look mining!

6. Sick

Very cool, amazing

Mate, that skateboard trick was sick! I can’t believe you did that.

7. Nutter

Crazy person (positive or negative)

You’re a nutter! I would never go swimming in this cold water.

8. Dodgy

Suspicious, unsafe appearance, dangerous

This is a dodgy part of town, so keep an eye on your bag.


9. Cheers

Thanks (more casual)

Cheers for the help!

10. Give me a bell

Contact me, text me

Give me a bell and say hi!

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