Level Up English Podcast Episode 261 Travel Story and Turn Phrasal Verbs

'Turn' Phrasal Verbs

I get a few requests to continue my series on Phrasal Verbs, and specifically, I had one recently to cover phrasal verbs that use the verb ‘turn’.

I thought of as many common ones as I could and made a list, and then I went through my memories to recount some memorable travel stories from my life. While doing so, I used these ‘turn’ phrasal verbs in a natural context.

I encourage you to do the same too! Practice like this is the best way to learn.

List of Phrasal Verbs

Below is the list of all the ‘turn’ phrasal verbs that I could think of to use in my story.

Did I miss any? Let me know if you can think of some more!

  1. Turn on to: Be interested in something.
  2. Turn off: Deactivate or stop.
  3. Turn up: To arrive.
  4. Turn down: To reject.
  5. Turn around: Change direction, improve.
  6. Turn out: Produce a result
  7. Turn to: Seek help, consult.
  8. Turn back: Return, reverse.
  9. Turn into: Transform into.
  10. Turn in: Submit / Go to bed.
  11. Turn over: Rotate
  12. Turn away: Reject, divert.
  13. Turn down: Decrease volume

Leave a comment below practising one of these words!

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4 thoughts on “#261 Travel Stories – Phrasal Verbs with ‘Turn’”

  1. Muhammad Hanif

    Hopefully, someday I’ll gather enough confidence to discuss an episode of Michael Lavers in a video and share it publicly. Though I may discuss things in English with my students for a considerable time daily, my confidence wanes the moment I contemplate making a new video (as I have already produced over two hundred crude and poorly made videos).

    1. That sounds like a great challenge! I hope you can do it too. I’m sure you’ve improved (even if it’s just a little) over those 200 practice videos! Keep going and improving bit by bit. I remember taking an entire day to record my very first teacher introduction video. I would spend an hour saying one line again and again. It definitely gets better with practice – haha

  2. Mada 🦒

    Hi micheal, I hope you have a wonderful and great day🀍🀍 I just wanna to say a big thank you for your incredible efforts your podcast had extremlly help me to improve and trun out my english language in various areas😚😚 in fact I had been listening to your bodcast for quit a long time I believe one year maybe I finshed all of the episodes and they are really beneficial 🫣

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