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Textbook English is different from spoken English, and a big part of this comes down to pronunciation and how things are said in real conversations.

This is Part 2 in my series on pronunciation, where we first looked at Linking in Episode 255, and now we’re looking at Elision. These are both features of connected speech that share some similarities.

In this episode, I share an example of elision followed by a question or challenge for myself that I also ask you (the listeners) to do as well!

Examples of Elision

Elision is a feature of connected speech that happens when a sound or part of a word is omitted (removed). 

Below is a list of examples from the episode.

Camera ➜  Kam-ra /ˈkæmrə/

Fish and chips ➜ Fish ‘n’ chips /fɪʃ ən ʧɪps/

Doing ➜ Doin’ /ˈduːɪn/

Because ➜ ’cause /kɒz/ /kəz/

Suppose ➜ spose /spəʊz/

Iced cream ➜ Ice cream /aɪs kriːm/

Facts ➜ Faks /fæks/

Police ➜ Pleese /pliːs/ 

Temperature ➜ Temprature /ˈtɛmprəʧə/

Family ➜ Famly /ˈfæmli/

Answer one of the questions from the episode in the comments below! 

(Or just practise one of the above words)

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