Improve Your Confidence

In this episode, Clare from the Smart English Coach podcast joins us for a fun chat about confidence, limiting beliefs, and language learning. We explore how confidence is so important in language learning and the steps you can take to improve this skill.

We also cover interesting stories from our own language-learning experiences and answer the question of whether you can be too old to learn a language. We touched on so many great topics today and I know you’ll get something motivational out of this conversation.

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2 thoughts on “#264 Increase Your Confidence to Speak English with Clare”

  1. Hello Mr. Michael, every day on my way to work I enjoy the podcast you present and I understand almost everything you say. My question here is how do I get out of my comfort zone when I am at the intermediate level. Thank you very much for your effort. We are grateful to you.

    1. Thanks so much for listening along on your commute! That’s nice to hear.

      As for your question, maybe it depends what you mean exactly. Usually when people talk about ‘comfort zone’, they’re referring to confidence when speaking to people in person in English.

      I’m still nervous when talking in another language to a person from that country, but the key thing is to build momentum. Before we’ve done something, it appears to be a huge, scary thing. But my advice would be to aim to do something really small at first. For example, aim to say “how are you?” to one person.

      Once you’ve done that, you should feel quite pleased with yourself. You can allow that feeling of satisfaction to grow and motivate you to keep pushing further. Just take baby steps outside your comfort zone and gradually expand it.

      Does this give you an idea?

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