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Acronyms are words that use the first letter of each word in a phrase. NASA and LOL are two common examples from very different areas.

In the age of the internet, acronyms are now a part of everyday writing and reading, but did you know some are also used in speech?

In this episode, I go through some really common everyday acronyms that you need to know and follow each one with an example from my own life.

I also end with a list of some more casual texting acronyms that are useful when casually writing to friends.

Everyday Use Acronyms

Here are some acronyms that are used in everyday writing (and sometimes speech as well!)

ASAP As soon as possible 

TGIF Thank god it’s Friday 

IMO In my opinion

AKA Also known as

FAQs Frequently asked questions

FYI For Your information

ETA Estimated time of arrival

TMI Too much information

POV Point of view

Casual Texting Acronyms

lol – Laugh Out Loud
nvm – Never mind
idk – I don’t care
btw – By the way
atm – At the moment
jk – Just Kidding

Try to use these acronyms as practice in the comments

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2 thoughts on “#265 Acronyms to Level Up Your English”

  1. Maria Alessandra Rossoni

    YRSTB = you’re simply the best (and I mean it!).
    Thank you Michael for all your contents. I’m from Italy. I’ve been following your podcast since your beginnings and you have really got better and better throughout all these years (like good wine does).
    Your podcast is the best: your episodes are not too long, not too short, you talk about many interesting subjects that help my mindfulness while improving my English, you talk about yourself without being selfish or boring and do the same with grammar tips. I also like when you host other people so that I can learn how to interact in a conversation. Go on like this Michael! I wish you all the best! 💚
    P.S. if you will ever read this message, please don’t hesitate to correct my mistakes and let me know. Thank you!🌸

    1. I love this acronym! haha
      Thanks a lot, Maria. Anyone who listens to the podcast is the best!

      It means a lot to me that you’ve stuck with the podcast for so long as think it’s improved as well. And no need for corrections – as far as I can see, it’s all perfect 🙂

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