Level Up English Podcast 267 Learn by Teaching English

Learn by Teaching

A listener asked me how they can teach English to their friend, so I decided to give some tips and advice in this podcast episode.

I cover some tips you can do to help a friend, partner, or family member learn English – whether this is in a casual setting or a more structured lesson setting.

I also cover some mistakes that many beginner teachers make, which will you useful for you no matter what kind of teaching you are interested in.

And finally, I talk at the end about some basic steps to take if you’re interested in becoming a professional teacher and making some extra money from that.

8 Tips to Teach a Friend

I covered a lot in this episode – common teacher mistakes, how to become a professional teacher, and more!

But let’s summarise the first section here: Tips on teaching a friend English.

  1. Help them set up a manageable routine 
  2. Assess their motivation level. Are they motivated to learn, or reluctant?
  3. Show, don’t tell. Allow them to work out the meaning of something without telling them.
  4. Don’t feel like you have to know everything. Admit when you don’t know something and learn together.
  5. Provide positive reinforcement
  6. Make it fun
  7. Don’t underestimate the power of simple practice. It doesn’t always have to follow a lesson structure
  8. Remember, to teach something, you don’t need to know everything – just more than the person you’re teaching.

Have you ever taught someone English before?

Or is there someone in your life you could teach, and they could teach you in return?

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2 thoughts on “#267 Learn English by Teaching”

  1. Thank you Michael!
    I’m from Russia and I really enjoy your podcast for a year. It’s incredible! You’re breaking my fears and doubts about my learning. Thanks for interesting topics and useful studying tips. You inspire me to keep on.
    Best wishes,

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