Level Up English Podcast Episode 268 Fabio Learnign English best way

The "Best" Way to Learn English

Fabio Cerpelloni chats with me on the podcast today around the topic of his new book: ‘Any Language You Want: 18 Conflicting Lessons for a New Kind of Language Learner’.

A collection of contradictory true personal stories in answer to “What’s the best way to learn a language?” In each of the 18 chapters, Fabio — a language learner and teacher — shares a story about how he mastered English, his second language, and tells you what’s the best way to learn another language.

In this episode, we discuss some ways to learn English and why it’s not as simple as you might think. I’m sure you’ll leave, however, feeling inspired, motivated, and with some new ideas on how to best master this language.

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