Level Up English Podcast arguments and debates

Debating in English

I share some of my opinions on debate questions provided to me by Chat GPT, ranging from general opinions to deeper more philosophical ones. While doing so, I share some useful vocabulary as well as phrases you can use to express your own opinions when debating or arguing.

Why not respond to this podcast directly? Leave a common on the shownotes page below using one of the phrases from today and give me your opinion on a topic here.

Expressions to Give Your Opinion

I used these expressions in the podcast to share my opinion. Can you have a go too?

  1. From my perspective…
  2. As far as I’m concerned…
  3. It seems to me that…
  4. I’m of the opinion that…
  5. It strikes me that…
  6. I hold the belief that…
  7. I’m inclined to believe…

Share you own opinions to these topics below.

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4 thoughts on “#269 Debates, Arguments, & Controversial Opinions”

  1. Interesting episode. About buying or renting a house, I prefer to own a house when I’m not too old. I’ll sell my home when I get old and can’t do the work in and around it. In a rented flat, I don’t have to care about the garden or fix some stuff at home.

    1. Thanks, Bruno!

      That’s a really interesting perspective! I know a lot of older people really struggle with gardening and DIY tasks in their homes and end up stressing a lot trying to find people to help them out. There are certainly benefits to renting in some cases

  2. My experinces from Spain

    Hi Michael, thanks for your enjoyable, engaging and efficient way of learning English. I came back home from my trip to Seville Spain. Not to mention all great cultural experiences I have had. But I experinced another “special” ones.
    My husband lost his mobilphone, he forgot it on the bench. We realised this 5 minute later and I immediately called
    on his phone and lucky for him one nice young Spanish man picked it up and told me your phone is safe with me and he aranged we met in a restaurant and got the phone back.
    And just imagine, the next day we were relaxing on the lawn in a local park. We were tired and we both me and my spouse fell asleep for a moment. I wasn´t enough careful and MY mobilphone was stolen by a thief :(:(
    Of course it was my mistake but you can imagine how I got upset and how I felt myself.
    So I really have no understanding for the thiefs. Despite that issue we enjoyed your stay in Spain and Seville definately worth wisiting. Greetings from the Czech Republic. Eva Obermajerova

    1. Glad you thought this one was enjoyable and useful! It’s fairly easy to prepare for, so I’ll be happy to make a part 2 in the future.

      And wow – what a rollercoaster of emotions you must have gone through on that trip! I’ve heard you have to be fairly carefully in Spain – especially in the more touristy areas. So sorry to hear about your phone being stolen. It’s a horrible feeling.

      It’s nice to hear you’d still recommend it even after that experience though

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