Level Up English Podcast Episode 270 Future Predictions

Future Predictions

I go over some near and distant future predictions (as provided by Chat GPT) and share my views on how likely I think they are to happen.

I’m a big fan of science fiction and wondering about how different things will be in the future, so I invite you to make predictions with me and use the new words I mention in this episode to practice your English.

How accurate do you think I am?

8 Future Predictions from ChatGPT

How likely do you think these are to happen? Let me know in the comments below.

  1. Self-driving cars become more common on roads. (near future)
  2. Colonisation efforts on Mars and/or the Moon. (mid-term future)
  3. Enhanced human-computer interfaces, possibly leading to brain-computer integration. (mid-term future)
  4. Shift towards a cashless society with widespread digital currency adoption. (mid-term future)
  5. Potential colonisation of exoplanets outside our solar system. (distant-future)
  6. Evolution of humanity into a multi-planetary species. (distant-future)
  7. Radical extensions of human lifespan through medical advancements. (distant-future)
  8. Potential encounters with extraterrestrial life forms. (distant-future)

Some Vocabulary

  • Colonisation: Taking control of new land.
  • Enhanced: Made better or improved.
  • Interfaces: Points where things connect and interact.
  • Integration: Bringing parts together as one.
  • Adoption: Accepting and using something new.
  • Radical: Big, transformative change.
  • Encounters: Meetings or interactions.
  • Extraterrestrial: Beyond Earth, in space.

How likely do you think these predictions are?

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