Level Up English Podcast episode 271 Transportation

Transport in English

In this episode, I talk all about transportation. I know – it sounds a bit boring! But there’s a lot to talk about.

We’ll be discussing my terrifying flight experience where it felt like we almost crashed, how to talk about different types of transport and commuting, and then we end with some super useful expressions that are related to transport.

My goal is you’ll end this episode with something new that you didn’t know before.

Useful Transport Expressions

Watch the full episode above to see how I use these expressions.

  • To lose your train of thought = To forget what you were thinking about
  • To drive someone up the wall = To annoy someone
  • To run out of steam = To have no more energy left
  • A train wreck = A disaster
  • A walk in the park = Very easy

What’s the most interesting or unusual mode of transport you have ever taken?

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2 thoughts on “#271 A Terrifying Flying Experience”

  1. Dominik Kubiš

    Hi, i’m Dominik and i am slovak student currently studying abroad (in france) and i thought that it would be a great idea if you did an interview with my american tutor Dylan Brown. She is really interesting person, she travels a lot and helps students across the world to accomplish their english goals. Her email is « br***@ga*.sk ». Take into consideration that i did not inform her about this yet and the email given to you is temporary (until 10th june i suppose), so it would be good to contact her asap. Also, if you could point out any mistakes in this text it would really help my english progress. thank you

    1. Hi, Dominik. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate the suggestion as well. I’m glad you have a great tutor. I do have a lot of podcasts with guests already scheduled for a few months, so although it’s not a big priority for me finding new guests at the moment, I’m always open to new ones in the future. Perhaps she could contact me if she’s interested?

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