Level Up English Podcast Am I too old to learn English?

Too Old to Learn?

Are you too old to learn English?

Maybe you should have started when you were a child, or still in school?

Well, in this episode I’m responding to this common concern or excuse by giving my opinion on learning a language at an older age, the benefits of learning as a child, and whether you should still make the same effort now.

Don’t forget to share your own views and experiences in the comments page below.

Are you too old to learn a language?

I hear this excuse/concern from time to time, so in this episode, I share my thoughts on this. What do you think? 

Learning at Any Age

Let’s start by saying age shouldn’t stop you from learning. Whether you’re young or old, staying curious is key. Don’t be afraid to start a new linguistic journey anytime.

Kids vs Adults

People often debate whether kids or adults are better language learners. Remember, while kids absorb languages naturally, adults are great at understanding rules and patterns. And like just like children, don’t fear making mistakes; it’s part of the learning process.

Avoid Comparisons

Comparing yourself to others can bring you down. Focus on your journey. Regardless of your age, keep a positive mindset and persevere through challenges.

“The best time to start learning was yesterday. The second best time is now.”

How old were you when you took learning English seriously?

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2 thoughts on “#274 Too Old to Learn English?”

  1. Gelade Isabelle

    I would like to learn English with your podcasts… l am level end of school and your podcast are a bit too difficult for me. May be a little too fast for the beginning :-). I learn Italian with Italiano Automático and the method was fantastic. I am 77 years old but l don’t mind because l love to learn new things and progress.
    Please, could you help me
    Isabelle Gelade

    1. Hi Isabelle. Thanks for your comment. That’s amazing! You remind me of my student who was also in his 70s who has so much motivation to learn (I think I mentioned him in this episode?) Keep it up!

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