Level Up English Podcast Episode 275 Moving Abroad Bangkok Outside


This is a very special episode because we’re doing something a little bit different. Today I’m bringing you to the centre of Bangkok for an outdoor episode.

I talk about relocating and moving away from your home while walking around one of the central parks in Bangkok, Thailand. I discuss the difficulties, my personal experiences, and I share lots of useful and relevant English phrases that you can use connected to this topic. 

Some Words from the Episode

Start from scratch

Begin something new without using any prior resources or experiences.


Adjust to new conditions or environments, becoming comfortable with changes.

Settle in

Establish oneself in a new place, making it feel like home.


Reduce in size or number, simplifying one’s lifestyle or belongings.

Fit in

Become a part of a group or environment by conforming to its norms and expectations.

Stand out

Be noticeably different or exceptional in a way that draws attention.

Culture shock

The feeling of disorientation experienced when encountering a new and unfamiliar culture.

Reverse culture shock

The difficulty in readjusting to one’s original culture after having adapted to a different one.

Have you ever relocated before? Share your experiences in the comments.

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