Travel in the UK

Travel in the UK

I discuss my recommendations for travel in the UK for anyone planning on visiting in the future. As I mention in the podcast, this list will be biased because it may reflect my interests. I also haven’t been to every area of the UK!

However, I hope you find it useful and let me know if you use these tips for your next trip!

Places to See

Snowdonia – Great for hiking and to experience Welsh culture & language.


The Lake District – Another popular hiking spot in north west England. Popular for walkers and people who want a relaxing time away from cities.


Any national park – The UK has many beautiful national parks. I grew up close to Dartmoor which is a large moorland with many Bronze Age ruins up to 3000 years old.


Cornwall – A very biased choice since this is my home region, but it’s a popular destination for British tourists too. Lots of countryside, beaches and beautiful public gardens.


Other Cities – Every city in the UK has its charm. Manchester is a large city to spend time in. Brighton is a smaller beach-side city that’s popular with tourists. Or go to Stratford upon Avon to see the hometown of Shakespeare!

Food To Try

Full English Breakfast / Fry-up

Fish and chips

Roast Dinner / Sunday Roast

Trifle (dessert)


Language, Dialect & Accent

London (multi-lingual city)

Generally, visit the corners of the country to find the coolest and strongest accents.

Wales (Welsh Language)

Scotland (more accents and languages)


Bath – A beautiful city named after the Roman bath house.

Castles – Everywhere! In all areas of the UK, you’ll be able to find some beautiful old castles ranging in age.

Edinburgh, Cambridge, Oxford…


Possibly Overrated

Stonehenge – Although it’s an incredible thing, it’s quite underwhelming to visit so don’t worry if you don’t see it.

London Eye, Buckingham Palace… – The London attractions are nice, but very busy with tourists and not as amazing as the travel magazines might make them seem (just my view)

Ben Nevis – Although not a tourist attraction, if you’re thinking about climbing the tallest mountain in the UK, you can! But it’s a little bit boring compared to other mountains.


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9 thoughts on “#29 Where to Travel in the UK”

  1. I totally agree with your comment on Stonehenge. I think the tourists can skip visiting Stonehenge if the time is insufficient. …..

  2. Hi Michael,
    thank you very much for your podcast. I love it. It helps me, especially with my listening skills. I can understand you very well.
    This episode is exciting. I am surprised by how many lovely places are in the UK. I have been only to London – once I spend there two months as an au-pair and the second visit was for sightseeing with my friends. And I loved roast dinners. 🙂
    When I will travel to the UK again I will go to one of these places you recommended.
    Thanks again

    1. Hi Petra,

      Thanks for commenting. I’m pleased you enjoyed your time here! Actually, I’ve visited many more places since this episode so perhaps a part 2 would be a good idea one day. I hope you can visit again soon.

  3. Yes right Turkish people really like tea and they try to dring whenever they get a chance, like meeting with friends, going any resraurant, at outside, in homes.. briefly everywhere you may see people who drink tea:) and if you get a chance to visiting Turkey, most probably some Turkish people will offer to you tea:)

  4. Hi Michael, great podcast, I saw the other day on Instagram , Are you on vacation in Asia? Can you make a podcast talking about your trip?

    1. Hi Debb, I am that’s right! Sure I will definitely do that. As long as people are interested I’d love to share my experiences here, both related to language learning and other things. The podcasts being released this month are all prerecorded, so perhaps in January I’ll start updating with new podcasts and I can talk about my trip 🙂 Thanks for your interest.

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