Travel Tips & Expressions

Travel Tips

As I’m about to embark on a trip abroad, I have travel on my mind. In this episode, I teach you 5 expressions and give my advice related to each one.

Pack and Travel Light

Advantages of only taking a carry-on bag

  • No chance of the airline losing it

  • The airport experience is faster and cheaper

  • Fewer things to worry about when travelling

  • Less room for souvenirs that waste your money

  • You don’t look like a tourist (and therefore a target for crime)

Freshen Up

To do something to become cleaner and feel fresh

After a long flight, you might be feeling a bit groggy (sleepy, weak feeling) and dirty, and perhaps smell bad.

A super sneaky travel tip is to make use of the free samples of perfume in Duty-Free shops.

You can freshen up while pretending to browse products!


Don't Space Out

To be dizzy and unaware of what’s happening

Always book accommodation near the airport on the first night or two.

Keep an Eye Out

To be aware and watch for something (eg. danger)

It’s not nice to always be looking over your shoulder for danger.

When sitting in a cafe or restaurant, or anywhere, put your bag strap around your chair leg, or your leg, or both! That way you can keep it out of your mind and focus on your meal.

Don’t Splash Out

To spend a lot of money irresponsibly

As a general rule, when you have to pay for a taxi (or anything) walk a little further away from the busy area. Most tourists don’t bother to explore and get the first thing they see. If you explore for 5 minutes more, you’ll find something more affordable.

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4 thoughts on “#30 Travel Tips & Expressions”

  1. I am so sad to hear what you had asked for higher taxi fare in Hong Kong but i think this is not common. Maybe you look like foreigner (actually you are) …

  2. The trick of the perfumes, It’s so funny. I don’t think I will do it, I can always carry a small perfume wherever I go.

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