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Motivation for English

Motivation is essential for seeing improvements in your English level. While it’s not necessary to be motivated every day in language learning, you need to have some motivation to avoid giving up. We all have dips in motivation from time to time, so in this episode, I try to give my best advice to find it.

Where to Find Motivation

If I ask what your motivations are, you might reply “To talk to my husband/wife” or “for my job”.


But is that really the reason?


Studying English for your partner or your job is a good motivation but does it really make you happy? Maybe it does but it’s important to think about your intrinsic motivation (motivation inside yourself) as well as your extrinsic motivation (motivation that comes from somewhere else).

For me, learning languages would be useful for my job, but this doesn’t make me happy enough to motivate me alone. This can be a secondary motivation. We can call it a “necessity movitation


What really makes me happy when learning languages is speaking to people in their mother tongue. This is my primary motivation because of how it makes me feel. We can call this an “interest motivation“.


Use what makes you happy (intrinsic) to motivate you and use what you need, such as a job, (extrinsic) as a secondary motivaiton.


Once you have become motivated to learn, you can make the secondary motivation the main focus.

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