Stew Sensei

Stew is an English teacher from London, now living and working in Japan in an English school. He has a growing and popular Instagram profile where he shares useful English advice and he kindly joined me today for a chat.


  • People think English is a game. It’s not. You can’t complete it. It’s an ongoing procress of continuous improvement.
  • If you don’t use it, you lose it. (like riding a bike)

Vocabulary & Expressions

  • Ball and chain – Something is holding you back or weighing you down
  • Cringe – The reaction to something embarrasing or awkward
  • Wicked – Can mean “evil” or “cool” (almost opposite meanings)
  • Lit – A modern slang word for “cool”
  • I lost my train of thought – I forgot what I was saying
  • I was bummed out by people – Annoyed, upset, disappointed
  • The grass is always greener (on the other side) – What you don’t have always seems better
  • To play devil’s advocate – To argue for the opposite side just to create conversation

Where to Find Stew Sensei

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