Happy Birthday English

Birthday English

Since the date of this podcast is my birthday, I thought it would be a good chance to make a podcast looking at some vocabulary and grammar related to birthdays! Let’s learn together.

Vocabulary & Expressions

Today is my birthday. I am turning 26 years old.

We use “turning” to talk about the change from one age to another.


As any good 26-year-old person, I am not going to go out and get drunk. I’m going to spend it having good food and going to bed early.

When the age is used as an ajective, don’t add an S to “year”


I usually don’t go to many parties anymore, but I also don’t want to be alone. So something just in the middle is perfect for me. My friends and I will have a get-together. 

Get-together – a group of friends meeting for conversation, casual drinks, food, etc.


I usually like to hang out with my friends on my birthday and do something I enjoy.

To hang out with someone – To spend time with a friend doing something simple.


We always have a good laugh together.

Good laugh – a time or person that is fun or funny (Tim is a good laugh!)


Because I live far away from them, I often end up crashing at their house too.

To crash at – To sleep at someone’s house on the sofa or floor

Future Tenses & Age

I will turn 30 tomorrow  – Simple way to use future tense

I turn 30 tomorrow / I am turning 30 tomorrow – Present tenses are used to talk about something fixed or pre-planned in your calendar in the future

I will be 30 tomorrow – This is fine but isn’t specific. For example, I will be 30 tomorrow, but I will also be 30 the next day, and the day after that – “turning” only happens once.

Future Perfect

Used to make predictions about what you think will be completed in the future and when.

I will have been working here for 5 years on my birthday

I will have been alive for 26 years tomorrow

They will have been eating that cake for 2 hours in 15 minutes.

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