Lindsay Does Languages - Find Your Shakira

Lindsay Williams started out teaching English to individuals, then on Skype, and is now an online coach and course creator for both language learners and teachers. Her website is Lindsay Does Languages.


  • 3:07 – Lindsay’s Introduction

  • 4:55 – Biggest benefit of moving to online teaching

  • 9:51 – Do you know a lot of languages?

  • 12:50 – Where does your passion come from?

  • 21:00 – Motivation to learn a language

  • 25:10 – What many English teachers do wrong

  • 32:00 – Embarrassing language moments

  • 35:02 – Advice for getting motivation

  • 43:30 – Favourite British slang

  • 46:35 – Final piece of advice for English learners 

Key Takeaways

Find your Shakira – In other words, find your intrinsic motivation to encourage you to study English

Incorporate culture in with learning the language – language and culture go hand-in-hand

If you miss a day of study, don’t worry. Start again the next day.

Showing up to study is the hardest and most important part.

If you lose motivation, allow yourself a day where you switch things up and try something different.

Label yourself as a the kind of person who studies language.

Vocabulary & Expressions

  • Something to latch on to – to connect with an idea or hobby, attach yourself to something
  • To chip away at something – to break something down slowly over time, uncover or reveal something that was hidden
  • Diss – (casual) An insult aimed at someone else
  • To soften the blow – To say or do something that makes what you say less offensive or strong

Resources Mentioned

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