Travel Review and Lessons Learnt

This is more of an update episode. I discuss what I did on my recent travels, the big lessons I learnt while abroad, and also my plan for the future of this podcast.

My Big Travel Takeaways

  • Leave comfort zone (you will never be ready)
  • Don’t delay your dreams (make the first step today, eg. book a plane ticket)
  • You have no idea how far you can go and what you’re capable of – if you keep changing your life, this time next year you could be a completely different and better person

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4 thoughts on “#44 Travel Review, Lessons I Learnt, & Podcast Plan”

  1. If you fear of something, face it.

    thanks for great tips and Podcasts, but i think the intro and outro have to be changed:)

    Jalal from Saudi Arabia.

      1. intro is the part at the beginning”Welcome to the English with…”

        and outro is the same but at the ending.

        I hope i explain at well ;|

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