Teach English to Kids

Teaching English to Kids

Let’s talk about how you can raise your children to learn English and be happy about it! Despite not having kids myself, I have experience teaching children and have some of my own intuitions.

How to Teach English to Your Kids

  1. Lead by example – children learn from imitation, not from being told what to do. If they see you genuinely care about something and can see your excitement, they will most likely follow that and enjoy learning too.
  2. Give them a reason to learn – Children need to see why English is important to learn. Kids don’t care about or even understand learning for their career. In other words, the children need to be around English.
  3. Make it fun – In my view, it’s much better to spend 1 hour playing with their toys and asking them to talk about them in English, rather than sitting down and learning past simple tense. 
  4. Positive reinforcement – Just a simple “Wow that’s great” or “Good job” goes a long way in letting them know they’re doing something good. 
  5. Read English bedtime stories and listen to English music
  6. Bonus. Go to an English-speaking country – If it’s financially and practically possible, consider planning a trip to an English-speaking country or any country with another language.

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