Kerry Clover English

Kerry is an English teacher from Ireland who kindly joined me today to discuss English teaching and learning, the Irish culture, accent and history, and much more! Her website is Clover English.


  • 2:40 – Kerry’s Introduction
  • 4:08 – Reason to start a podcast
  • 6:17 – Irish Accent
  • 9:49 – Interesting Facts About Irish Culture
  • 12:54 – Kerry’s Teaching Experience
  • 20:32 – Should you learn an accent?
  • 26:45 – What languages do you know?
  • 33:56 – What language mistakes have you made?
  • 37:39 – Does learning a language help teaching one?
  • 41:30 – Irish-English slang expression
  • 45:30 – Where to find Kerry

Key Takeaways

Everyone has an accent. There’s no such thing as a “normal” accent.

“Language isn’t just grammar rules, it isn’t endless memorizing, it isn’t “fill-in-the-blanks” school exercises. It’s communication, it’s relationships, it’s friendship and it’s culture.”

There’s a difference between pronunciation and accent – focus on pronunciation rather than obsessively focusing on accent.

Vocabulary & Expressions

  • To bridge the gap (4:53) – To connect two things or make the difference between them smaller
  • To test the waters (13:53) – To try something and see what it’s like before getting fully involved
  • Hibernophile (21:13) – Someone who loves Irish culture and language
  • Boisterous (21:46) – Noisy, energetic, and cheerful
  • Badge of honour (25:33) – Something you have that you’re proud of
  • Like a deer in headlights (27:40) – Being caught in a state of fear or surprise that causes you to panic
  • Night and day different (29:37) – Completely different or opposite
  • What’s the craic? (41:40) – Irish slang meaning “How’s it going?”

Resources Mentioned

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