Getting More Confidence in English

English Confidence

I believe that confidence is the biggest struggle that learners have with learning English, so let’s look at why, and how you can overcome this.


Language confidence will go up and down each day, just remember it’s all in the mind – most of how you feel about your language is psychological. 

1. Confidence fluctuates, but skill keeps increasing

Your skill is always increasing even though you feel like some days are worse than others.

2. The first interaction sets the tone

Often the first interaction of the day will set the tone for (affect) the rest of the day. The same goes for online lessons. 

When you have the opportunity, speak to someone confidently and put on a big smile. (in real life or in your lesson)

If it doesn’t go well, don’t worry! Try again and don’t get disheartened. If you allow yourself to feel bad from an embarrassing interaction then you will feel like you have bad language all day.

If you’re travelling, try to speak to someone as early as possible. If you wait until the right moment, then it will be too late and your brain will keep making excuses.

3. We all have bad days

Don’t feel bad if you have no confidence or belief in yourself. We all have days like these. It might just be your mind asking for a break so you can forget about studying or learning for one day and try again tomorrow. Every day is a fresh day and you’ll feel better after a good sleep.

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