Speak Like David

David Rajaraman from Speak Like David is a knowledgable English coach living and working in Japan. In this podcast we discuss the benefits of language and the best and most fun way to learn.


  • 6:27 – David’s Introduction
  • 10:28 – History with English and language
  • 14:12 – Learning curve of teaching with no experience 
  • 16:39 – What it’s like living in Japan
  • 20:14 – How has language benefited your life?
  • 27:53 – Classroom or online teaching
  • 31:49 – What’s your teaching philosophy?
  • 40:12 – Learning without studying
  • 46:56 – Funny language mistakes
  • 50:05 – Where to find David

Key Takeaways

Every single one of us has already achieved proficiency in one language.

You can study a language from a book. It’s just not the most fun way to do it.

Use the language in a way that’s relevant to your lives and experiences.

Vocabulary & Expressions

  • Learning Curve (14:12) –  The rate of progress when learning a new skill

  • To mug (18:30) –  To attack someone and steal something from them

  • To drill information (36:28) – To cause someone to learn through repetition

  • Like a deer in headlights (43:41) – Caught in a state of confusion

Resources Mentioned

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2 thoughts on “#51 Speak Like David (Interview)”

  1. Hi, Michael this is Oden Athom am really interested to learn English true your online teaching.
    My problems are handwriting, grammar, reading,
    How to start learning online I meant the way to use it

    1. Hey Oden, thanks for stopping by. Do you mean learning through my lessons or through the content I post? If you are interested in taking lessons with me, feel free to check out my “Lessons” page or just send me an email.
      Otherwise, I hope you can learn from the things I post too! It’s hard to give detailed advice based on a short comment, but I would recommend starting a daily writing and reading practice. Reading is also a great way to practice grammar and see it in context. You could try reading a chapter of a book or story every day, and then writing a text about what you read and your opinion on it. I hope it goes well 🙂

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