My Routine - English Expressions

My Daily Routine

In this episode of the podcast, I share details about my daily routine while discussing many useful English phrases for daily life.

Phrases I Used in the Podcast

Wake up

Early bird – Someone who likes to wake up early in the morning

At the crack of dawn – The first moment of the day when the sun rises

Lie in – Sleeping later into the morning


Start my day off on the right foot – To start your day in a positive and good way

Clear-headed – To have a clear mind so it’s easy to think and focus

Language Study

Set aside time – Reserve some time for a task

Brush up on – To improve

To cover a lot of ground – To study many things in one session

To stay on top of something – To keep up-to-date with some work


To bite off more than I can chew – To start a project that’s too big to finish

To have a lot on my plate – To have a lot to do, be very busy

Mindful – To be present and focused

To lament – To complain, moan


Stationary – Not moving, staying still

 Get in shape – To get a strong and healthy body


To get back into – To start to enjoy a hobby that you forgot about

To boil over – When the water in a pan bubbles up too high, to get angry


To chill out – To relax

Down time – Time spent not working

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18 thoughts on “#52 My Routine – Daily English Phrases”

  1. Hi Micheal and good day,
    Appreciate your effort and kindness. This is my first day on shaping my listening skill. I loved this episode and looking forward to listen to others.
    My daily routine starts a bit late but always fouled by black coffee then just repeating positive phrases to get along with day. A lot go till bed time but I always like to finish my day with a cup of fresh boiled ment.

  2. Mr. Michael , thank you very much for you interesting podcasts . I really enjoy hearing them for many hours.

    Thanks a lot .

  3. you are a sweetheart (german proverb)
    you have a magical voice, i can hear for hours without getting bored. Thank you very much for your precious time.

  4. Hi , you’re podcast is the best . I love hearing your podcasts it’s interesting and i have never felt bored .. keep going ??? ????

    1. Thanks, Manal. At the moment my profile is hidden because I’m not accepting new students, but this might change in the future. Thanks for your interest!

  5. Hi Michael, I hope you are doing well. Although I haven’t found an appropriate time and place to have a lesson with you, I’m listening to your podcasts and trying to learn some new vocab from them. There are so many natural expressions in your podcasts! Thank you for sharing them with us!
    I’m adapting a new routine as I moved to a new city, and I really like my new life. I was a night owl when I was at home, but now I become an early bird. I wake up at the crack of dawn (around 6.30 am), and then I do some exercise whilst listening to your podcasts. I start to work at 9 am, and end it at 5.30 pm. In the evening, I hangout with my lovely roommates. I go to bed at 11.00 pm.
    The above is my routine. I hope I can keep it!

    1. Hi Tian, thanks for listening and commenting! I hope the podcasts continue to help you. I have a lot of great ideas for the future too. Your routine sounds fantastic! You must be motivated to get up early and exercise before work. Keep it up!

  6. The podcasts are always great Michael. I’m listening to it every day. Loved the tip for the italk, just booked my first lesson using the voucher, yup. Thank you very much for the amazing content.

    1. Hi Ariane, thanks a million! I’m really happy you’re enjoying the podcasts and that you could start using italki. I hope you have a great experience there. Did you get your free $10?

    1. Hello Michael, great work you are doing to help people like me learn English , the transcripts are really useful for those like me who need the written word to learn better thanks a lot really appreaciate the lessons and all your beautiful labor
      My name is Juan from Panama.

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