Pros and Cons of Flashcards for English

Flashcards for English

What are flashcards? Should I be using them to study English? What are the downsides? I discuss my thoughts and experience of using flashcards for 10+ years.

What Are Flashcards?

Flashcards are cards in which you can study vocabulary and sentences at repeated intervals. If you study a word today and you remember, it will show you again in a few days. If you can’t remember the meaning, it will repeat the word much sooner.


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Anki Website

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Should I Use Them?

Flashcards can be a great way to remember vocabulary, but it may not translate well to listening or conversation practice. I recommend trying to make a connection between your flashcard learning and real-life interactions.


Two other things I suggest are creating your own flashcards from phrases you come across in your life, and also adding sentences rather than words. When you study sentences in flashcards, you can get a good idea of the structure and grammar.


I recommend using flashcards if you think they would be enjoyable and useful for you, but don’t make it the main part of your study routine.

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