No Excuses not to study

No Excuses Not to Study

Hard work and progress requires sacrifice

Everyone has the same 24 hours to allocate on their priorities. Improving will require a sacrifice of time, money or something else. 

If you really feel you can’t study for some reason, think about your reasons why.

Common Excuses Not to Learn English

  • Time – We all have the same hours in the day. It just depends on how you organise them. Go through every minute of your day and record what you do each day for a week, then see what areas can be changed or tweaked to allow you to study

  • Money – Money can help! But it’s not necessary. Find free language partners or just get out there and see who you can talk to. You can even just talk to yourself, watch TV, etc.

  • Too Old – You can learn at any age. The idea that children are the perfect language learners is mostly false. If it’s something you enjoy, just go for it. Age is just a number.

  • Not Good Enough – You will never get good enough if you don’t practise. Some people may be more naturally gifted with language, but most people just study hard. Don’t compare yourself to other people.

  • Too Shy – I was incredibly shy before, but I overcame it. Take scary baby steps outside your comfort zone, and in 2 years, you might be a completely different person.

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5 thoughts on “#63 No Excuses Not To Study”

  1. I’d like to thank you about all those adcive you give them to us. I just wondering about how I can orgnize time, I always have daydream when I’ve studying !! How I can overcome this please … .

    1. Glad the advice is useful! Time management is a huge topic and I suppose it depends on your current lifestyle too.
      Have you heard episode #108? I talk about time management and I go into more detail than I can here in a comment.
      I also talk a bit about this topic in episode #193

  2. Jorgen Olsson

    Hi Michael, and thanks for an entertaining podcast. I really like the funny pictures in the headline, they are always so catching/hitting/poignant. Before, when I was younger I gave up more easily, now I’m trying to be more consistent. I have couplings to all five excuses, I think. I have more time now (especially in the summer). Money is not an issue, as I have a job. I am pretty old (52), but as you said, it’s just a number. Before, I had these thoughts about not being good enough, not being naturally talented, but I have overcome that now. I was shy before but have stepped out of my comfort zone and getting used to not be so, anymore.

    1. Hi Jorgen, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I’m glad someone’s finally showing appreciation to the cartoons in the banner! haha.
      It sounds like you’ve gone through a lot of struggles during your learning journey and you’ve experienced and overcome these barriers. Great job! I’m sure many people could learn a lot from you

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