A break from English

Taking a Break from English

Taking a break from anything in life is important – whether it’s social media, a friend, or language learning! If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut and not motivated to learn, a short, planned break from learning may be a good idea.

The Benefits of an English-Learning Holiday

To avoid burning out, taking a short break might be a good idea. It’s important to be strict with yourself and decide on a time for when you’ll return and start studying again.

When you return to English after a break:
  1. You will feel more refreshed and have a new motivation to learn

  2. You’ll realise that you’re better than you think you are (it resets your high expectations). You may get the feeling like: “Wow! I’m reading and speaking a foreign language! That’s so cool.”

  3. Taking a break from anything can be healthy (social media, internet, a friend or partner, work…) 

  4. The brain absorbs what you learn during downtime. It actually helps you learn better! (According to the Learning How to Learn course)

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