Pronunciation with Emma

In this podcast, I talk with Emma, a fellow online English teacher.
We discuss the difficulties of learning languages, pronunciation problems, embarrassing moments and more!

Where to Find Emma



2:10 – Emma’s introduction & history as a teacher
9:28 – Why did you choose to teach?
16:33 – My history
17:38 – English accents
26:01 – Learning foreign languages
29:31 – What would you learn if you had more time?
34:55 – Embarrassing language stories
48:26 – Tips for English learners
54:29 – Language resources

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11 thoughts on “#7 Teacher Interview – Pronunciation With Emma”

  1. Hi Michael. Thank you for interesting episode. Emma’s mistake at Spanish restaurant was funny. But maybe ‘horny’ was a little bit embarrassing. But only those who do nothing make no mistakes. 🙂

  2. Michael thank you very much! Your conversation with Emma is really interesting! Her story is sad and touching,but she is a real struggler:)!!!thanks for motivation

    1. Thanks Olga! I’m happy you found it interesting. Yes Emma’s had a great history leading to her becoming a teacher, hasn’t she?

  3. Hi Michael, thanks for uploading the transcripts. It is very important for me, because I first listened to the podcast, then I tried to understand it and then compare it with the transcript. In that way, I’m learning and improving both my listening and writing. You did not know we used a program for transcription, I thought you wrote it. Thanks for this long podcats. Your follower Debbie, from Argentina.

    1. Thanks so much Debbie! It’s great to see you’re working so hard to improve your listening skills. Yes the transcripts are made automatically and then I go through and correct any mistakes (90% of them anyway!)

    1. Hi Debb, I wasn’t going to transcribe the longer episodes, just because it’s quite expensive. But since you asked I’ll do it just for you 😉 I also gave you a shoutout on next week’s podcast, so thanks for your support!
      Let me know if you have any issues viewing the transcript.

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