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Selene (from English Bootcamp Circle) kindly joined us for a conversation about English learning today. We spoke about teaching English to children, the distinction between a teacher and a coach, common questions that English learners have, and much more!

One of my favourite things that Selene said was: You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be clear.


  • 5:02 – Selene’s Introduction
  • 8:01 – Why do so many English teachers live in Japan?
  • 12:05 – Growing up bilingual & Raising bilingual children
  • 18:53 – Online learning vs Classroom
  • 22:26 – Coach vs Teacher
  • 28:43 – My mistake with Japanese
  • 32:01 – How can learners have more language output?
  • 35:44 – Why questions do students ask the most?
  • 40:49 – Embarrassing language & cultural mistakes
  • 48:32 – Selene’s favourite idioms
  • 50:02 – Where to find Selene and goodbyes

Expressions from the Episode

  • 6:30 – The best of both worlds = To have the benefits from two different things

  • 40:49 – To dabble in something = To try something a little bit but not get too involved

Where to Find Selene

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